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Food Products

Food products includes materials used in the preparation of food. These comprise raw materials which are cooked with sauces, spices and herbs. Additionally flavouring, both vegetable or meat based can be added. Separately food products include cooked food from commercial kitchens to cater to a group of people. Typically menus for such cooked food vary from spicy to savoury.

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  Acids: Acetic acid glacial 99.5%, citric acid anhydrous and mono, lactic acid Canned food: Braised peanuts, pickled lettuce, corn spear, corn kernels, cream corn, sardine in tomatoes sauce, luncheon meat, stewed pork (sliced), longan in… More



- Sodium Banzoate - Benzoic Acid - Potassium Sorbate - Sorbic Acid - Calcium Propionate - Food Colour


A glorious representative of the Cantonese roasted duck cuisine, the pau is enriched with whole grain wheat flour and augmented with aromatic spring onions. Sealed with the 18 intricate folds, bite into the inviting kitchens of bygone days and warms… More

Sing Long Foodstuff was established since 1983 in Singapore, specialises in manufacturing a diversity of savory sauce as well as instant local dessert products that are easy and convenient enough to serve within minutes. The company hallmark-Black Pepper… More