A comprehensive directory of companies in the agri-business-farming and fishing, fresh food trading in Singapore.

Food Ingredients

Factories manufacture food require a host of ingredients. Such ingredients range from raw materials like meat, fish and vegetables to all the spices and herbs required to cook them into flavourful dishes. Raw materials may also include products that are canned to preserve their shelf life like some fruits and pickled vegetables. To enhance the taste of cooked food, essences supplying natural flavours… More

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Acids: Acetic acid glacial 99.5%, citric acid anhydrous and mono, lactic acid Canned food: Braised peanuts, pickled lettuce, corn spear, corn kernels, cream corn, sardine in tomatoes sauce, luncheon meat, stewed pork (sliced), longan in syrup, lychee… More

Singapore's leading importer of refined sugar from Thailand, UK, Europe, Brazil, Malaysia, Korea, India, Dubai, etc Sugar distributor to major industrial food manufacturers, wholesalers & retailers Exporter of refined sugar, raw sugar, white… More