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Food Additives & Flavourings

Foods addictives are substances that are added to perform various functions like adding colour or to preserve for a longer period. Flavourings are also added but perform a different function which is give the food a better taste or smell. Both are used in small amounts. Flavourings can be natural sources like herbs or spices. Other flavouring that are not natural may be made from chemicals . Flavouring… More

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  Acids: Acetic acid glacial 99.5%, citric acid anhydrous and mono, lactic acid Canned food: Braised peanuts, pickled lettuce, corn spear, corn kernels, cream corn, sardine in tomatoes sauce, luncheon meat, stewed pork (sliced), longan in… More



- Sodium Banzoate - Benzoic Acid - Potassium Sorbate - Sorbic Acid - Calcium Propionate - Food Colour