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Fish & Seafood Products - Importers & Exporters

Fish and seafood importers and exporters provide a wide variety of seafood from various parts of the world for consumers to purchase fresh and frozen seafood. Product range includes a wide variety of fish such as threadfin, pomfret, grouper, salmon, codfish, sea bass, and snapper, crustaceans, shrimps and prawns such as tiger prawn, vannamei shrimp in whole form or various forms of peeled, shellfish,… More

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Distribution of live, frozen, chilled and canned seafood. Holdings in access of 2,000kg of live lobsters. Live & frozen seafood include but not limited to: Live US/Canadian Lobster Live NZ/Canadian Oyster Live Manila/Mahagony/Hoggikai/Surf Clam Squid… More

Our product: • Sutchi Fillet/Prawns • Processed Frozen Seafood Supply to Wholesaler and Horeca Industry. Member of SIAS