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Fish & Seafood Processing Establishments

Fish and seafood processing establishment provide a wide variety of seafood from various parts of the world for consumers to purchase fresh and frozen seafood in various forms such as filleted, skinned, whole, shelled and other forms of processing. Product range includes a wide variety of fish such as threadfin, pomfret, grouper, salmon, codfish, sea bass, and snapper, crustaceans, shrimps and prawns… More

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CCF offers the freshest oceanic produce & services: - Generic (non-labelled) products - Private labels (contract processing) - Wholesalers - Distributors - Supermarkets - Worldwide caterers and retailers More



CCF exports to about 150 customers worldwide in USA, Brazil, Uruguay, South Africa, Israel , Spain, Greece, Portugal, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and more…


• Spicy Chicken Patties • Pepper Chicken Patties • BBQ Chicken Patties • Fish Fillets More



• Tempura Chicken Nugget • Fish Nugget • Fish Finger • Seafood Ring

OUR STORY STRIVING TO ALWAYS PROVIDE VALUE Deeply rooted in the fishing industry, Alpaq Group, one of Singapore's leading supplier of frozen seafood, has strong collaborative culture & working relationships with an extensive network of independent fishermen… More

Our Introduction Hai Sia , translated from Teochew, means the sound of the sea . From her humble beginnings in 1976 as a hawker stall at Mei Ling Street, Hai Sia has grown to be a familiar establishment at Jurong Fishery Port.   We are committed to… More

It all began when a pair of busy parents wanted to prepare the best possible nutritious food for their children under the constraint of their busy work schedule. Mr and Mrs Tan wanted to prepare hassle-free, ready-to-cook food so that their children… More

At Sigma Food Pte Ltd, we firmly believe "There exists no best food in the world, only the safest". We are committed to supply variable flavour fish ball series and the best quality wide variety seafood which from the fresher water at adorable price.… More

We have been in this business since 1975.   Our freshly made fish balls are delivered to our noodle stall on a daily basis.   We make our fish balls with pride and hard work to provide our customers with quality food. More