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Egg Processing Factories

Eggs can be processed in myriad ways. This includes from pasteurised eggs, and pasteurised and processed egg products such as liquid egg, peeled hard-boiled eggs, various types of preserved eggs such as salted and century, salted egg yolks, Japanese soft boiled eggs and poached eggs. In order for eggs to be consumable by the public, hygiene standards must be applied by processing factories.

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Importer, exporter & distributor: • Fresh Farm Eggs • Salted, Century & Quail Eggs SFA licensed to process • Cooked Salted Eggs • Salted Egg Yolk • Peeled Hard Boiled Eggs

Our subsidiary: Sengkang Trading Enterprise Trendy Egg Distributor Our products: Fresh eggs, cooked eggs, salted duck eggs, salted duck egg yolks, century  eggs, quail eggs, cooked quail eggs Fragrant rice, white rice, calrose rice, red cargo rice,… More