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Dian Xin

Dian xin is a Chinese term used to describe a category of various types of small snack-like cooked items, which are usually eaten warm. Examples of dian xin, also known as dim sum, include various kinds of pau; kuehs such as yam cake, carrot cake, soon kueh, rice kueh, chwee kueh, huat kueh; chee cheong fun; various types of Hong Kong dim sum such as siew mai, har gao, char siew shou, egg tart, yam… More

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Signature Products: - Big Pau - Cha Siew Pau - Red Bean Pau Product Range: - Mushroom Chicken Pau - Cha Siew Rice - Vegetable Pau - Yam Pau - etc. Please visit our website at  http://beesimpau.com  for more information. More


At Lim Kee, we believe in constantly improving and reformulating our recipes to keep pace with the changing tastes of consumers. For instance, our yam pau has been given a unique makeover with purpleberry flour to enhance the taste, texture and nutritional… More


We are the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of vegetarian food (dried and frozen). We have more than 650 kind of vegetarian products. A wide range of healthy vegetarian products for your culinary needs.   Contact us for any enquiries. More


A glorious representative of the Cantonese roasted duck cuisine, the pau is enriched with whole grain wheat flour and augmented with aromatic spring onions. Sealed with the 18 intricate folds, bite into the inviting kitchens of bygone days and warms… More

Kong Guan is the market leader in traditional pau (Chinese steamed buns) and timsum in Singapore. We manufacture our products using modern production technology and processes that have been HACCP and ISO 9000 certified.   We distribute to a wide ranging… More