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Message by President, Kranji Countryside Association

AGRI2223_MS01_KCA Pix2021 has been marked by the Covid-19 crisis. It is said that crises can bring out the best in humanity. At the same time, crises can also accentuate weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and cracks. What certainly holds true is that the way Kranji Countryside Association (KCA) responds to Covid-19 reflects who and how we are, and what we stand for as an association. On this count, I must say that KCA has held out very well together. Covid-19 is a sudden pandemic that has caught the world unguarded and necessitated the rapid and full adoption of online presence marketing. Through it all, our association’s commitment to delivering excellent online presence marketing has defined a new dimension of online experience. In 2021, our Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market Facebook engagement has increased by 130% per post (https://www.facebook.com/farmersmarketsg/). In the coming year, KCA aims to continue to create opportunities for the members via physical and online events; enhance Kranji Countryside as a destination; marketing brands with iconic experiences; and to increase mindshare and buyers stakeholders engagement with all. While the world may be changing rapidly, KCA’s mission, vision and values have not changed. KCA will always strive for excellence to be a strong association for all our members, and a representative of farming and nature in Singapore. With all these initiatives, I look forward to the many more opportunities that will come out of greater public-private-people collaboration in the coming years.

Malcolm Ong
President, Kranji Countryside Association