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Message by Chairman, Marine Aquarium Association Singapore

1196_1It is a pleasure once again to speak on behalf of the Marine Aquarium Association.

The ever-changing global economy has affected many businesses, including the marine aquarium business. Much has changed since we formed our association. Ever since Aquarama shifted to China, we no longer participate in the event. Globally as well as in Singapore, there is a waning interest in the aquarium hobby industry, which has indirectly affected local businesses as well.

Looking forward, we strongly encourage our members to review their products and services to access how we can better manage and serve our customers, as well as look for opportunities abroad. The association will continue our efforts to work with local government agencies to help support and promote our members’ needs in meeting import/export requirements, as well as work with various parties participating in local and international trade shows. It will be a challenging year ahead, but we believe that by working together with constant education and initiating innovations, our industry will reach a new height in the coming years.

Steven Chong
Marine Aquarium Association Singapore (MAAS)