A comprehensive directory of companies in the agri-business-farming and fishing, fresh food trading in Singapore.


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S'pore may allow import of roast meat from Hong Kong

Singaporeans who hunger for Hong Kong's roast meat, especially its famed roast goose, may soon have their fill of it without having to visit the territory.

The Singapore Government is considering easing the import rules on cooked meat products, said Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry Chee Hong Tat yesterday.

The rules are being reviewed by Singapore's Pro-Enterprise ...more

Trendlines eyes agritech startups in Singapore


AFTER making headway into the agritech scene in Israel, having amassed 21 companies in its portfolio, Catalist-listed startup incubator Trendlines is now shifting its focus to Singapore, said its chief executive officer Steve Rhodes.

The company is actively exploring the possibility of opening an agritech incubator in Singapore, Mr Rhodes told The Business Times on the sidelines ...more

Singaporean of the Year: Urban farmer Bjorn Low's food gardens help nurture communities

When he attended agricultural school in Britain in 2011, Mr Bjorn Low and his classmates were asked to slaughter 200 turkeys for the Christmas season.

Mr Low diligently followed instructions - electrocuting the turkeys, slitting their throats and plucking their feathers.

His teacher later asked: "Did you feel anything?" It was then that Mr Low realised he had pushed emotions aside ...more

Keeping farm produce safe from pests and diseases

The business of bringing food from farm to table has gone global, and home-grown Asiatic Agricultural Industries is doing its part.

The local manufacturer of crop protection and public health chemicals has a mission to aid food security and safeguard public health through its business.

It manufactures and distributes a wide range of agrochemical products, such as insecticides, fungicides, ...more

New plan launched to help food businesses go digital


IF OLD Street Bak Kut Teh's experience is any indication, going digital can pay off handsomely for a small and medium-sized food business.

The chain of 15 stores selling pork rib soup introduced digital food ordering and payment systems, starting in 2013.

Customers can order through a mobile phone app or use the tablets at each table. Those who pay digitally get ...more

Singapore tops global index for food security

Singapore is top in the world when it comes to ensuring that its citizens have access to safe and nutritious food at affordable prices in the short and long term.

However, given that Singapore imports most of its food, climate change could disrupt its food security depending on how badly other food-producing countries are hit.

The Global Food Security Index released on Tuesday puts ...more

Rice crops under threat: Lawrence Wong

The world's largest scientific conference on rice opened yesterday at Marina Bay Sands, bringing together 1,500 participants from 40 nations, including scientists, government officials and representatives from organisations such as the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organisation.

The International Rice Congress, also known as the "Olympics of Rice Science", runs every four years and ...more

Getting bullish on central kitchens and offices

THE July 6, 2018, cooling measures will put a dampener on residential collective sales, which have been driving big-ticket property transactions since the second quarter of last year.

Given the volume of money in the global system in search of investible assets, investor attention may turn towards the industrial and commercial sectors, where regulations on the purchase and sale of properties ...more

ESG seeks co-investors in agrifood tech startups


ENTERPRISE Singapore's (ESG) investment arm Seeds Capital is seeking co-investment partners for agrifood tech startups, under a call for partnership which was launched on Tuesday and closes on Oct 5.

These partners should be able to identify and co-invest in Singapore-based, "deep tech", early-stage startups in agrifood technology, which refers to innovations that improve ...more

BreadTalk opening Singapore's first Wu Pao Chun bakery in 2019


BREADTALK Group is bringing to Singapore the Wu Pao Chun bakery, which became famous after its founder - whose name the business takes after - won the title of Master Baker.

The first Wu Pao Chun bakery here will open at Capitol Piazza in Stamford Road in 2019, said BreadTalk on Monday following the inking of a joint venture (JV) agreement to operate the Taiwanese branded ...more
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