A comprehensive directory of companies in the agri-business-farming and fishing, fresh food trading in Singapore.


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Malaysian fish, veggie prices set to rise

IPOH • Fishermen in several Malaysian states have warned of a price increase for fish and other seafood as they brace themselves for a considerably lower haul caused by the rainy season.

Rough seas are forcing fishermen to stick closer to the shoreline.

The vegetable harvest is also expected to drop during the monsoon season, causing a spike in prices.

Ms Jeanne Khor, ...more

A vegetable, fish farming system that is truly green

For a year, 63-year-old Joseph Phua toiled to create his own hybrid aquaponic farm from scratch.

His back bent, he would construct his own concrete fish tanks and cut holes in rectangular wire casings to hold his vegetable seedlings.

Even the piping to circulate water in the system, which combines conventional aquaculture with hydroponics (the cultivation of plants in water) in ...more

Move towards making S'pore a 'farm city'

It is heartening to see the increase in resources dedicated towards making indoor gardening a more feasible option (Spotlight on indoor gardens: Will LED lead the way?; Oct 27).

Farming in a controlled environment enables the cultivation of plants that are usually unsuitable for a tropical climate.

Less pesticides need to be used, which minimises environmental damage and enhances ...more

Rooftop farms now allowed under landscape replacement policy: URA


MORE urban rooftop farms may soon crop up after the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) expanded its landscape replacement policy to allow rooftop urban farms and vertical greens to be used to replace the greenery lost due to development.

URA on Thursday said the Landscaping for Urban Spaces and High-Rises (Lush) programme will now be expanded such that up to 10 per cent ...more

F&N FY17 profit soars on fair value adjustment, exceptional gain


FRASER & Neave's (F&N) full-year net profit has surged to S$1.3 billion from S$108 million a year ago after a fair value adjustment and exceptional gain of S$1.2 billion, which arose largely from the realisation of fair value adjustment reserve upon change of interests in Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Co (Vinamilk).

Net profit before fair value adjustment and exceptional ...more

AVA to get more powers on how food is labelled

Formula milk companies may soon have to encourage breastfeeding on milk tins, and avoid the use of misleading claims and pictures, under changes to the Sale of Food Act passed in Parliament yesterday.

The changes to the law - prompted by outrage over the rising prices of infant formula - also allow the Agri-food and Veterinary Authority to recall food products when contamination is suspected, ...more

S'pore farmers band together to boost sector

Farmers are banding together to improve the small but important agriculture sector here.

Twenty farms from the livestock, food fish and vegetable sectors have come together to form a farming federation, the Singapore Agro-Food Enterprises Federation (Safef).

Members include egg farm Seng Choon Farm, Rong-Yao Fisheries and vegetable farm Sustenir Agriculture (Singapore).

There ...more

A taste of innovation in food industry

It used to be inconceivable for freshly cooked meals to last beyond a day, but restaurant chain The Soup Spoon has done it and is changing mindsets across the food manufacturing industry one firm at a time.

The firm adopted high-pressure processing technology - it helps food products stay fresh longer, which means firms have exporting options - with its first machine last November costing ...more

Hurdles to jump as farms adopt technology

The recent spate of natural disasters around the world is symptomatic of climate change.

Singapore may not be directly hit by the likes of tropical cyclones that have raked other parts of the world, but scientists worry that the country could be affected in other ways.

Of primary concern to land-scarce Singapore is food.

As climate scientist Benjamin Grandey from the Singapore-MIT ...more

Boom time for S'pore food firms in China market

Singapore food brands are cooking up a storm in China. Local food firms are riding on the Chinese consumer boom, with people becoming more health conscious and increasingly seeking out high-quality international flavours.

The potential of China's huge market more than makes up for the challenges, which include keeping food quality consistent and dealing with regulatory hurdles, companies ...more

Next-gen farming concepts on show at exhibition

Oil rigs can do more than just drill for oil, going by the drawing of a monstrous polygonal floating structure that hatches fish, grows them, and processes and packages them all in one place.

The floating fish farm, being developed by the world's largest oil rig builder, Keppel Offshore and Marine, features extensive automation in the feeding, health-monitoring and cleaning of fish in both ...more

Multi-storey fish farms could boost local yields

Locating multi-storey fish farms on rooftops, in parks or even under viaducts could become a reality if infrastructure consultancy Surbana Jurong has its way.

It has come up with a vertical system that needs less space than traditional farms, but can produce several times the amount of fish.

The Temasek Holdings-owned firm unveiled its floating pond concept yesterday, developed ...more

No to durians, but 'yes' to high-tech farming

THE durian question had to be popped right at the beginning of the interview. Given declining margins in its electronics components distribution business, is Excelpoint Technology about to tread the path of Singapore-listed counterpart Serial Systems, which invested into durian purée manufacturing among other random businesses? After all, with net profit margins of 0.5 per cent, surely Excelpoint has ...more

NTU team gets more beer out of spent grains

What better way to use spent brewery grains then to reuse them to brew even more beer?

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) researchers have developed a technique to do just that by making use of microorganisms.

Adding the food-grade microorganisms to spent grains left behind during the beer-brewing process produces a substance that yeast - a crucial ingredient needed to make ...more

Banking on its bread and butter brands

Auric Pacific Group's chief executive, Dr Andy Adhiwana, has big plans for nourishing the business after taking Indonesia's Riady family's first listed vehicle in Singapore private.

Although Auric's flagship brands SCS butter and Sunshine bread have been household names since the 1900s, the company has set its sights on being the nation's bread and butter supplier for the next 100 years as ...more
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