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Global Chinese-sauce firm Lee Kum Kee to expand in S-E Asia


AFTER more than a century climbing to and holding its position as one of the largest global producers of Chinese sauces, Hong-Kong-based company Lee Kum Kee is set to enter a new phase of transformation with its expansion in South-east Asia.

In an exclusive interview with The Business Times, May Lim, managing director of Lee Kum Kee South-east Asia, Middle East, Africa and ...more

Observers laud S'pore's food, nutrition potential


SINGAPORE has the winning recipe to become a food and nutrition hub in the region, but some key ingredients are still missing from the mix.

These include a viable pipeline of skilled talent, as well as greater collaboration among the different stakeholders to build a food innovation ecosystem, observers tell The Business Times.

How quickly Singapore can pull these ...more

Sampling the future of food innovation in Singapore


EATERIES with zero manpower interaction, 3D printing of food, meal kit subscription boxes with ingredients - these are all but a taste of what is to come.

These concepts may not be in the mainstream here yet, but it is a matter of time before Singapore moves in that direction, according to industry players.

What was considered revolutionary previously such as vending ...more

HDB farmers in a concrete jungle

Whoever says you need a big plot of land to be a farmer has never met Ms Kit Yong, 56.

Like 80 per cent of the population, she lives in an HDB flat.

But tell her that you have a craving for the sweet and sour passion fruit and she might tell you to pick one right off a vine outside her flat if the fruit is in season.

The real estate agent grows more than 20 types of vegetables, ...more

Heinrich Food's niche focus

FOR homegrown company Heinrich Food Pte Ltd, being ranked in the SME1000 group of companies distinguishes it as an influential entity and it is an honour as DP Information Group is known for identifying and acknowledging the best performing companies in Singapore, says Cindy Hein Chye Feng, founder and owner of the firm.

"The ranking allows companies to know where they stand amongst the SMEs, ...more

Sauce firm gets help for online push to spice up business

Home-grown chilli sauce company Sim Soon Heng Cooking (SSH) is going back to its roots, by going online.

The founders of the business began 40 years ago by knocking on doors to hand-deliver homemade chilli sauce to customers.

The small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) now wants to again reach out to individual consumers, digitally this time.

A collaboration with eight ...more

S'pore doesn't import meat from 21 Brazilian facilities linked to scandal: AVA

Singapore does not import any meat from the 21 Brazilian meat-processing establishments that have been placed under "a special surveillance regime" there, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) said yesterday.

"None of them is approved to export to Singapore," it said.

The scandal that broke last Friday involved several meat producers, including one of the world's largest, ...more

AVA fully lifts sales ban on 12 fish farms

All 12 fish farms in Singapore that were affected in January by an oil spill from Johor can now resume sale of their seafood, including fish, crustaceans and molluscs.

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) said yesterday that clean-up operations at the farms along the East Johor Strait have been completed.

The AVA had earlier partially lifted the sales suspension for just ...more

Poultry, egg supply safe from bird flu: AVA

The H5N1 bird flu outbreak in a village in the Malaysian state of Kelantan has not affected Singapore's poultry and egg supply, said the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) yesterday. The outbreak was reported on Wednesday.

The AVA said that Singapore permits poultry and eggs from disease-free zones in five Malaysian states only - Johor, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan, Selangor and Perak.

The ...more

Turning soya bean waste into packaging

Once dismissed as food waste doomed for the landfills, soya bean residue has now been harnessed by local researchers and turned into a raw material to create biodegradable packaging.

A team led by Professor William Chen, director of the Food Science and Technology Programme at the Nanyang Technological University, has found a new way to extract cellulose from soya bean residue, also known ...more

From a humble sauces business to a global F&B firm


"EVERYBODY has got a story to tell because life journeys are never easy," says Jocelyn Chng, chief executive of JR Group. The company, formerly JR Foodstuff, is behind Singapore's first vending machine cafe launched last August.

Located at a Housing Board void deck in Sengkang, the VendCafe features vending machines that can dispense hot meals, drinks and desserts around ...more

Plans to transform farms in S'pore

"Frog princess" Chelsea Wan, 33, is a second-generation farmer who plans to take big leaps to make farming a sustainable option in Singapore, which dedicates just 1 per cent of its land area to this sector.

No more is Ms Wan content with just selling frog legs. Rather, she is looking to diversify by selling more frog parts, like ovary ducts.

Some may groan at the thought of it, ...more

FairPrice steadfast in support of local products

We thank Mr Jeffrey Law Lee Beng (Do more to promote local products; Feb 23) for his compliments on FairPrice's Suppliers Support and Development Programme (SSDP) that supports local businesses and produce.

FairPrice recognises the contribution of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to the overall growth of our economy.

We appreciate the challenges faced by SMEs, especially ...more

Local firm's Brunei fish farm to help boost food security

In a boost for Singapore's food security, local company Apollo Aquaculture Group will be setting up a high-tech farm in Brunei in a joint venture.

Mr Eric Ng, 44, group chief executive officer of Apollo Aquaculture Group, said the vertical fish-farming system will be remotely controlled and monitored from Apollo Aqua- culture's farm in Singapore.

With underwater sensors to measure ...more

Increasing choices for the dining table

Poultry supplier KSB Distribution invests about 3 to 5 per cent of its revenue almost every year to upgrade its technology and machinery as part of efforts to stay at the cutting edge.

The company has also been innovating and expanding its range of offerings over the years, in order to keep ahead.

"People see this as a sunset industry," said director Steven Tan.

"But we ...more
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