A comprehensive directory of companies in the agri-business-farming and fishing, fresh food trading in Singapore.



Securing Singapore’s Food Supply

Asmall, resource-constraint country, Singapore has managed to transform adversity into opportunity. With little land to store water, it has developed ‘four taps’ which have broken the back of its water woes and helped spawn an industry. Even with little arable land, it is regarded as one of the most food-secure countries around the world with affordable food easily available ...more

AVA Introduction

Singaporeans today enjoy a standard of living and quality of life that is the envy of many nations. Everything, from the ample supply and wide variety of food that is available in the marketplace, to the healthy animals and plants we see in our surroundings, is the result of the hard work of the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA). AVA toils endlessly to maintain a stead ...more

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