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Message by President, Singapore Fish Merchants’ General Association

The Singapore fishery sector has limited territorial waters for fishing activities and lacks ocean-going fishing vessels. As such, only about 10 per cent of our fish comes from local supply, mostly from our fish farms.

The remaining 90 per cent of our domestic fish consumption depends on imports.

In the past, we are heavily reliant on Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand for our fish imports. However, the fishery production of Malaysia is declining on a year-on-year basis. Furthermore, several types of fishery products are occasionally banned from export by Malaysia during the monsoon season (which lasts for about three months). These have resulted in sustained increase in fish prices and also seasonal price spikes.

In response to these situations, our fish merchants need to source for fish products from countries that are further away to establish new and favourable sources so as to dampen the upward presure on prices. Todo so, i have been leading fellow merchants on supply-sourcing trips to fish-producing countries every year.

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Auntority of Singapore (AVA) has always been supportive of business facilitation and of our efforts to diversity our import sources. Therefore, we look forward to continue working closely with AVA on maintaining the availability and affordability of our fish supply!

Lee Boon Cheow
Singapore Fish Merchants’ General Association