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Message by Chairman, Seafood Industries Association Singapore

The founding objectives of the Seafood Industries Association Singapore (SIAS) have always been to help them acquire new or improved technologies and to help members penetrate overseas markets.

With these objectives in mind, we organised the Singapore Pavilion at the 19th Japan International Seafood and Technology Expo during 23-25 August 2017. In the show we exhibited Singapore’s high-quality processed seafood and ready-to-eat seafood products.

In the last quarter of 2017, the SIAS management committee members held discussions on how to satisfy regular large quantity fish orders from China. Such orders pose big problems for our members to fulfil because problems like financing, logistics, product sourcing and the different import and export legal regulations in ASEAN and China provinces. However, with assistance and co-operation from the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) and IE Singapore/Ministry of Trade and Industry officials, the SIAS sees good business projects achievable by participating members and immediate efficient solutions to foreseeable problems.

In 2018, SIAS members will concentrate on entering the challenging but rewarding China market. The SIAS will help members to achieve targets set by the Singapore Industry Transformation map for wholesale food. In doing so, the SIAS hopes to work closely with the Singapore Fish Merchants’ General Association and Punggol Fish Merchants Association. Unity is strength and Singapore fish merchants should unite to face foreign competitions in Singapore as well as in foreign markets where the Singapore government trade agencies have worked hard to give Singapore companies overseas business opportunities.

Thank you Singapore Agri-Food Business Directory 2018 for giving the SIAS this opportunity to share the above message. The SIAS wishes you all the business success that is deservedly yours in the coming year.

William Tan
Seafood Industries Association Singapore