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Message by Chairman, Marine Aquarium Association Singapore

The Marine Aquarium Association was started in 2004 to represent the interests of the marine aquarium trade. It has been more than decade and the industry as a whole faces many uphill challenges. We lost a very important vehicle to promote the trade when Aquarama in Singapore was terminated. It had an international platform versus a more localised format in the form of the Aqua Realm 2017 exhibition that was held recently.

Much has changed in terms of the purchasing power of consumers and the ever- growing influence of the internet on our business. The local marine aquarium trade in Singapore has suffered massively as a result of diminishing interest in the hobby. The remaining consumers have also taken to making purchases of equipment through the internet, further hurting the retailers. And when the market shrinks so do the number and variety of marine livestock being sold. The dismal state of the economy also means less buying power.

The only way forward is to look to other related alternatives such as aquaculture. The dismal state of affairs for the marine aquarium trade is likely to persist for the coming years.

Steven Chong
Marine Aquarium Association Singapore (MAAS)